Three-dimensional Imaging of Bacterial Cells for Accurate Cellular Representations and Precise Protein Localization. 2019

MreB polymers and curvature localization are enhanced by RodZ and predict E. coli's cylindrical uniformity. 2018
Nature Comm

RodZ links MreB to cell wall synthesis to mediate MreB rotation and robust morphogenesis. 2015

Role of the Umo proteins and the Rcs phosphorelay in the swarming motility of the wild type and an O-antigen (waaL) mutant of Proteus mirabilis. 2012

Loss of the waaL O-antigen ligase prevents surface activation of the flagellar gene cascade in Proteus mirabilis. 2010

Regulation of gene expression during swarmer cell differentiation in Proteus mirabilis. 2010

Lack of the GTPase RHO-4 in Neurospora crassa causes a reduction in numbers and aberrant stabilization of microtubules at hyphal tips. 2008


In Progress

SPACECRAFT: from plants to bacteria, a quantitative method to compare cell shapes.

MreB senses local curvature to pattern uniform rod-like growth in bacteria.