Cell Shape Control:
    How do cells control their shape? What proteins are important and what do these proteins do? In E. coli we know many of the proteins necessary for rod shape. However, the functions of these proteins are unknown. Because these proteins
colormodel 01 01are often essential it is difficult to determine their function. Using genetics and microscopy we aim to determine the function of many of these essential cell shape genes.




The Cytoskeleton and Motilty: 
   We have found that if you distrupt the MreB cytoskeleton chemotaxis is inhibited. This project has two main goals. The first is to determine what role MreB is playing in chemotaxis. The second goal is to seperate the role of MreB in cell shape control from its role in chemotaxis. We plan to do this by screening a mutant MreB library for both cell shape effects and motilty defects.